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Smartistry empowers creatives like you.

Financial Literacy

Smartists know the essentials of personal finance. Develop your money mindset and learn how to make sustainable, empowered financial choices.

Group Hug

Support Resources

Smartists have access to powerful learning content, tools, and resources, as well as a network of trusted experts and specialists.

Fists in Solidarity

Community & Idea Exchange

Smartists have an inclusive, judgment-free community for sharing ideas, asking questions, and having meaningful conversations. We embrace honesty, transparency, and curiosity.

I'm glad you're here.

You're in the right place to build a better creative life.

You don't have to sacrifice your dreams for your responsibilities.

I no longer have the energy to run a theatre company, and also work a full time day job. Something had to give, and unfortunately, it was my company that had to suffer. As I have turned more and more of my time towards my day job, I feel artistically frustrated and resentful. I cannot begin to even factor in things like savings or pensions. 

There must be a better balance, and I am so excited to see how Smartistry can help me find it.



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