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Emerging Artist Q and A: Megan Eda Hollweck, music educator

Musician and educator Megan Eda Hollweck grapples with Impostor syndrome as she pursues her calling to teach and make an impact on her students.

Describe your new project/venture

In January of 2019, I decided to launch a full-time fine arts school. In just 10 months, the school has grown to have more than 30 students, along with two teachers who teach piano, voice, guitar, and ukulele. We’ve done toddler classes and workshops along with language arts tutoring as well.

The music studio at Bright Star School of Fine Arts

Why did you decide to launch the school?

I don’t like to use the phrase “it’s my calling”, but that’s really how I felt when I made the decision. I needed to be fulfilled with my work, and it sort of hit me one day late last year when I was working in the corporate world.