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Smartistry supports the Arts as an essential component to a balanced curriculum. Young and developing artists need focused, realistic launch preparation in addition to skill development. 


Our live workshops and talks, which are tailor-made for junior high, high school, and  university programs, equip students to plan for a successful, sustainable future in the arts.



Reflecting our core value of Abundance, Smartistry actively pursues reciprocal partnership opportunities in the arts community.  

Production Team Meeting


Established Smartistry artists pay it forward in our inclusive, hands-on mentoring program for new and emerging practitioners.

The 2018 Annual Forums for Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts (PAAL) teamed up with Parents in Chicago Theater. The forum took place in Chicago. The theme was "Initiatives and Solutions" and featured panelists [including Smartistry's Melissa Peck] who shared their personal experiences as well as their active solutions to improve the theatre community for parent artists. 

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PAAL Podcast
"I Will Hold Your Baby"

Photo credit: Diann Squiers

Smartistry proudly supports PAAL and Parents in Chicago Theater

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