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Make Art Your Day Job.

In the US, the need for affordable health insurance is the #1 barrier to entry for professional creatives. This forces many artists to take underpaid W-2 positions, and give away their precious time to non-arts employers.

We want to provide a direct, affordable alternative- but we need your input! Take our anonymous 2-minute survey and help us make a meaningful difference for creatives like you!

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You're in the right place to build a better creative life.

You don't have to sacrifice your dreams for your responsibilities.

I no longer have the energy to run a theatre company, and also work a full time day job. Something had to give, and unfortunately, it was my company that had to suffer. As I have turned more and more of my time towards my day job, I feel artistically frustrated and resentful. I cannot begin to even factor in things like savings or pensions. 

There must be a better balance, and I am so excited to see how Smartistry can help me find it.


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